Chiens de traineau - Angaka village nordique

Discover the exceptional framework of the Nordic area Beille for a great adventure sleigh!

Great North Walk Enjoy a half-hour ride to the rhythm of the team. Behind you, the sleigh is led by talented mushers who will share their passion. Comfortably installed in your sleigh pulled by a dozen Nordic dogs, you will be charmed by the vast expanses of snow-covered plateau. Customized adaptation to the disabled. Sleigh driving "great trapper" Enjoy a half day to the rhythm of your team, directing you even your sled. Become the true trapper of modern times thanks to the magic sled dogs at work and slide a moment in the shoes of Jack London. You will learn to harness and drive your own team. From 2 to 8 people, activity accessible to all beginners, framed by a professional. The Universe of sled dogs You enter the fascinating world of sled dogs ... Discover the different types of sled dogs, breeding, care, history of these faithful companions. You enter the park, among the dogs and their joyful screams, children and adults can pet them. You will be welcomed and guided through the visit by Nathalie who knows so well convey his passion for his job! Activity to share with family or friends in the presence of a professional. Children highly recommended! Sledding Horse Discover "Tornado", Mérens, the Black Prince of Ariege and his sleigh! It will take you into the magic of the forest de Beille, time for a walk with your family. Welcomes the sled 3 people and his driver. Age 5 years, Tornado is the gifted class. He grew up in the wild mountains of Aston before going to school colts rearing Sié in Mirepoix. His thick hair silky and protects it from the cold and snow; besides, he loves to be stroked and visits to his stable. Find our other activities (igloo building, bivouac, holidays, Christmas Eve ...) on our website.


Chiens de traineau - Angaka village nordique

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