Randonnées avec Angaka Village Nordique



If you like the Pyrenean Mountains and you are fascinated by sled dogs, come live your dream on the Beille Plateau. “Life is a lost treasure to those who ignore their dreams”.

Discover another way to hike, easy, enjoyable and fun! Already popular in our mountains !!! Teams with a wide belt and an elastic line connected to the sled dog, leave together for an unforgettable ride,
full of emotions and discoveries !! Husky, Eskimo of Greenland, Malamute, Samoyed: share with these great animals a moment of tender complicity ...
quiet strength, amazing softness appointment with a magical moment ... family!

Horse-drawn carriage

Single, double or family, you will spend a magical moment on a carriage pulled by one of our Mérens horses.
Change of scenery!
Atmosphere steppes of Central Asia to the Plateau de Beille, amid herds of cows, sheep and horses.

Home hiker ideal for those who cross the Pyrenees on foot!
Alone, in pairs or in groups, you will spend a night in a tipi, a yurt or a tent prospector gold diggers.
Scandinavian atmosphere at Plateau de Beille, refueling off by this simple step nonetheless comfortable.

NEW 2015!
Great ride

Hair and horses in the wind ... Gallop across large areas of the Plateau de Beille! With our hiking horses, discover the Black Prince Ariege in total freedom, and life of our mountains. A hike, enriching, invigorating transports you between heaven and earth. Guaranteed fresh breath of fresh air!

Peoples Cavaliers
As if you were there !! You dream of adventure and open spaces We also !! Get into the skin of a movie character, and discover the Cavaliers Peoples lifestyle. Our animals offer a journey through
time ! provided surprises and laughs

The Pony Voyageur

Head in the clouds ... You have an appointment with the mountains of the Plateau de Beille and their inhabitants! With our ponies and our asses, share a special moment with ariégeoise kind.Discover the horse Merens, Black Prince emblematic of Ariege, herds to mountain pastures, wild animals and all the invigorating activities available to you. Wonderful surprises and a BIG BOWL OF FRESH AIR await you ... family!



Randonnées avec Angaka Village Nordique
Plateau de beille 09310 LES CABANNES

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