En VTT dans les Vallées d’Ax

Les Vallées d’Ax give you the opportunity to take advantage of an FFC-certified mountain biking resort

Starting from Montaillou, Prades, Chioula, Ax-les-Thermes or the Bonascre Plateau. Here are over 135 km of escape in nature to enjoy the thrills of the mountain, steep slopes and bucolic trails, for fanatics as well as families. Have a blast among friends, enjoy a nice ride or perform a perfect trajectory on a descent from the top of the Ax-3 Domaines resort (accessible by the Ax and Saquet gondola lifts). In a nutshell, this is what the Vallées d’Ax spots have to offer. Gondola lifts: Ax-Ville/Ax-Station and Bonascre Plateau/Saquet. Important: the Bonascre Plateau/Saquet gondola lift is closed on rainy or foggy days. Mountain biking guide book: €3


En VTT dans les Vallées d’Ax

Tél : 05 61 64 60 60

E-mail : info@vallees-ax.com

Site internet : http://http://www.moniteurcycliste.com/index.php?option=com_content&, view=article&, id=75&, Itemid=110&, tri=

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