Akrobranch d’Orlu


At 950 meters, in a beautiful beech forest and over waterfalls, AKROBRANCH Orlu offers adventure marrying acrobranche climbing and via ferrata, canyoning and a course.

12 adventure await you:
- 2 steady course (green) and MARMOTTE PETIT LOUP for 2/6 years, The Glade of Pitchouns, playground on the balance (2/12 years)
- Acrobranche course POOH (green) for 3/6 years
- Acrobranche course KOALA (green) for 6-12 years, from 1.10 m
- 2 acrobranche course (blue) and PANDA MOUFLON for families and children from 6 years and 1.20 m
- Adventure course MARSUPILAMI (blue) for families and children from 1.30 m
- 2 Adventure trail (red): SQUIRREL and ISARD for adults and adolescents from 1.40 m
- Adventure course COUGAR (brown) for adventurers from 1.50 m. technical and sporting career with Le Grand Saut, game great feelings.
- Circuit adventure KING KONG (black) for athletes from 1.60 m.Technique and very athletic.


AKROBRANCH Orlu also offers:

- The Paintball space, Adventurous spirit, melted into the natural environment of the National Reserve of Orlu, so Indiana Jones.
- The ride on the trail waterfalls, invigorating and rejuvenating.
- A picnic area equipped bordering the playground of The Glade of Pitchouns.
- Le Bistrot des Forges on the terrace facing the river and the great waterfall of Gnioles, enjoy our home cooking, using local fresh produce, preferably organic or farmers.

Most of the summer
- The route canyoning "Canyon of Orlu" at the heart of the Park AKROBRANCH Orlu. Duration: ½ day, from 14 years.
- The adventure at night (from 21 pm to 30 midnight).

Dates and opening hours

- Park open early April to the end of autumn holidays.

- Possibility of lunch or dinner barbecues for groups based on local farm produce.

Restaurant "Le Bistrot des Forges" Bar Snacks
Picnic area
Parking shady car
coach parking



Akrobranch d’Orlu
Pôle Nature des Forges d'Orlu 09110 ORLU

Tél : 05 61 05 97 33

E-mail : contact@acrobranche-ariege.com

Site internet : http://www.acrobranche-ariege.com

Langue d’accueil

English, French, Spanish



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