Escalade en Vallées d’Ax

Dent d’Orlu - Gneiss 50 routes. Guidebook on sale. Quié Sinsat - Limestone. Over 100 equipped routes and adventure playground on this unavoidable cliff facing south. Guidebook on sale. Note: For the preservation of breeding birds, a prefectural decree prohibits this activity on the part of the cliff Quié Sinsat from 01/12 to 15/09; see the full information panel climbing parking Sinsat. Quié Urs - Limestone. sports and climbing routes. Topo sheet to download. Other mountain sites were equipped, complete or partial tract adventure playground, some easily accessible from the shelters Rulhe and En Beys. Take the opportunity to arrange a short stay in altitude, the guards will tell you about the "spots". Check topos sheets on the French Alpine Club Site of the Ariege.


Escalade en Vallées d’Ax

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