Zen Aventure - Pascal Dengerma

mountain leisure activities for all ages and all skill levels. Courses, days and 1 // 2 days wellness offered by an experienced state certificate, specialist climbing and canyon and spécialitse master Caycedian relaxation therapy.

Climbing, canyoning, via ferrata, relaxation therapy, aquatic hike: mini-canyon (without cord) for children from 6 years. Holidays and days "Wellness": hiking, climbing, relaxation therapy (focused on stress management, concentration and increases physical energy) and practiced in climbing and / or Canyon, bathroom. Days and internship List: stress management, increased productivity and team cohesion. Relaxation therapy for children and adults.


Zen Aventure - Pascal Dengerma
Le Couillet 09110 MERENS LES VALS

E-mail : pascal@zen-aventure.com

Site internet : http://www.zenaventure.com

Langue d’accueil

Espanyol, Francès