Arbre et Compagnie - Escalade sur arbres

Climbs framed in trees.

Climbing. Climbing trees is framed in a sport to discover the wooded environment of fun and educational, accessible to everyone from 7 years. The sessions take place in the company of a qualified sports instructor, who will forward their knowledge from techniques of modern arboriculture. An important part is dedicated to the observation and understanding of the sites visited. Forest basement to the treetops, discover safely unspoilt environment. Particular care is taken to respect the environment. Visited the trees are subject to a systematic diagnosis. The installations, ephemeral, posed in the rules of art with climbing equipment standardized, are removed at the end of the animations. Depending on the application and visited sites, spectacular workshops can be implemented. Tyrolean, monkey bridge and other commuters then jumps punctuate the climbing sessions. The camp (from 10 years). Visit the site in the late afternoon to learn about the techniques of access and discover the hammocks 4 points, solid and comfortable and light platforms that welcome you for a magical night in the treetops. Connected to the Dream online, let yourself be lulled by the sounds of the forest. Provide a duvet and evening picnic, we take care of breakfast, drinks, organic jams and local honey. bivouacs possibility of ultra-light technology to access remote sites (specific rates). Specific activities: - Environmental education / educational projects for school and holiday centers - Consumer Entertainment - Ability to work on your trees, in your parks. Prices


Arbre et Compagnie - Escalade sur arbres
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